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Induction Stove - What is the most responsive brand?

23 days ago

I hate my current Induction stove & microwave from Electrolux. They cook just fine. It's the controls that drive me insane! There is a delay every time I touch them! With the stove one must first touch it to "wake it up" (then wait a second or two). Next touch it to tell it which burner you want to turn on (then wait a second or two). Lastly touch it to set the temp you desire. (The microwave is equally crazy! At least I can just press the 1 minute button most of the time there.) PLEASE SHARE your experiences with other brands of Induction Stoves!! I am considering choosing one with physical knobs (Frigidaire, BlueStar, Gaggenau) but hear they can also have issues. What is the quickest (most responsive) induction stovetop you have used?

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