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Older Hot tub question

26 days ago

Hey guys,

Approx 15 years ago, I won a free hot tub from the local radio station here in Wisconsin. At the time, I was just leaving for the USAF, so it went to my parents place, who never actually hooked it up, The spa in question is a Caldera San Gabriel, just in case its relevant.

Fast forward to today, my wife and I have our own house now, and would like to bring the hot tub here (approx 1.5 hours away) and actually use it. I do know it does hold water, as it has had some rain intrusion from the cover over the course of the years.

My concern is is it even worth it to spend the money to bring it here, hook it up etc, or are we better off to forget about the idea and look at other options? I assume we'd need to invest in it a bit to get it up and running, which I'm fine with. I am just worried about investing a signifigant chunk of change only to find out its toast.

Any thoughts?

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