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OKNA Windows questions 500 vs 800?

last month
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Hey guys,

We are currently trying to figure out the best option for us in windows. 90% chance we have it narrowed down to 2. Looking at the Okna 500 vs 800. We are in South central WI in case it matters.

Long story short, our house was built in 1961, and currently has single pane windows in. We are replacing a combo unit, which is double hung, picture, double hung that is 115" wide x 53" tall. We're being quoted ~3700 for a triple pane in the Okna 500, in White/ white with a full frame replacement.

If we want to upgrade to white exterior with wood grain interior which would be the OKNA 800, it adds 705 to the price. Seems like a steep price increase to me for just wood grain, which makes me question what else are we missing? Not opposed to the extra cost if there are other features that make it worth it, just also don't need wood grain if that is literally all it is.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


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