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Critique my new kitchen layout

23 days ago

I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen and would like some feedbacks of my new kitchen layout. I got some good feedbacks from my last post and have thought through about things more and I include 2D layout I drew this time.

Here is layout. Any feedback is welcome! Some specific areas that I want to get some ideas on:

  • Does the trash location look good? I am debating between this slot, or right next to the sink of the left, or right under the sink. Let me know which one you think works the best.
  • Do you think the pantry on the far right storing dishes will be too far away from the dining area?
  • The under counter ice maker is not directly adjacent to the fridge, because we have a oven+microwave combo so it will be full height rather than under counter. Having it kinda detached from other water sources, will it cause additional churns on plumbing/water supply/etc.?

Again any feedback is welcome besides those questions. Apprecaite your help!

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