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Modern clean look ceiling vents

27 days ago

We are updating our midcentury home. Final design style will be nods to original midcentury design, but also clean look modern.

The original home had retro round metal hvac vents in the ceiling. I kind of loved them, but they were integrated into the original ducts -- which are all being replaced -- so the vents aren't staying. Midcentury home is exposed concrete block walls, so the vents have to go in the ceiling.

We were hoping to install linear modern vents in the ceiling, but the beams in the ceiling mean the ducts have to go 90' off of how we were envisioning. And we're not sure we like that look.

So now looking at other ceiling vent options. I want to avoid it looking like we have builder grade vents, which is what my builder is proposing. Especially in the main living space. I thought I would google ceiling vents, and see a ton of high end upgrade options. Surprisingly few options though! A few specialty stores are offering some integrated vent covers. But reviews are limited, and my contractor would have to learn how to use these new products. There doesn't seem to be a standard upgrade option that everyone is familiar with. Everything just looks like metal grates in the ceiling.

Can anyone make any recommendations of where I should be looking for alternatives? That won't have a steep learning curve for my contractor?

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