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Stacked laundry in a narrow hallway

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Anyone have stacked laundry opening into a narrow 36" wide hallway? Does it drive you crazy blocking the hall when you open the doors or set a laundry basket in front? Or is it workable?

About our project: We're designing a small 1,250 sq ft house with 3 bedrooms. The 2nd and 3rd are very small and could work as a home office and kid's room. The stacked laundry will go in a closet. The hall closet is most convenient, if there's enough space. The alternative is a closet near the front door.

I've read that the recommended clearance in front of a washer/dryer should be at least 48". The hallway will be the code minimum 36" though.

Our closet will be 30" deep from the back wall to the hallway. With a recessed dryer vent box, a standard sized washer/dryer will probably still stick out 1" into the hallway. So no closet door in front of the machines. With washer/dryer doors open, they're 50" deep. Best case, that leaves 15" of clearance from the opposite wall.

A standard laundry basket is about 18" wide and 28" long. If we set a laundry basket in front of the machines, that will leave only 17" of clearance around it.

At the end of the hallway is only the primary bedroom, so it shouldn't be a high traffic space. You can see the vanity of the primary bedroom just to the right.

Has anyone actually lived with this setup in their home before? Was it totally ok? Or was it a constant source of annoyance? Would it be better to put in a small washer/dryer that's only 24" wide and deep, to get a little more clearance?

Downside to the 24" washer/dryers: they can't really fit king size bedding. Otherwise, they absolutely can work, just sometimes they require two loads instead of one, which means blocking the hallway more often.

Standard size stacked washer/dryer can work. I've lived with it before and it was ok.
Personally, I've never lived with this setup, but I believe a standard sized stacked laundry would be ok.
Go with the small 24" washer/dryer. The extra clearance is worth it, even with smaller loads.
Don't do it! You'll regret it every time you do laundry, even with a small washer/dryer. Find another location if at all possible.

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