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Revisiting unhappy LS Midnight Miss

28 days ago

The reason for this revisit is that I saw a plant in the nursery with HVX and it prompted me to look at this plant again.

This (and a couple of more hosta) came up with what I saw as iron chlorosis. I purchased these in 2023 from a well respected online hosta grower.

When I dumped it out of the pot, I saw it was water logged. I repotted it with lots of perlite, pine bark mulch and expanded shale. Al (I think it was Al - from the container group), suggested Foliage Pro as a fertilizer. (Our radio guru suggested a fertilizer with trace minerals, which Foliage Pro has.)

The problem is that the old foliage still looks the same. The new growth looks like it should.

Do you think this (and the others with similar leaf streaked patterns) are a problem?


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