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Thoughts on Karl Foerster Feather Reed...

26 days ago

Eventually I would like to have no turf grass so we are slowly adding trees and eliminating lawn. We have run-off from the top slope to where the river rock is. There is a French Drain and a regular drain, under the river rock, that releases to day-light in the back of the house. We still have run-off and the lawn can get really saturated.

We planted 3 Dawn Redwoods three year ago and they are doing very well and I plan to add two more.

We are edging out the river rock bed and eliminating a bit of turf. The blue line shows where we will take out turf around one of the Redwoods and an old stump.

My initial thoughts are to add Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass along the edge of the river rock. Not sure if I should do a solid line of them all along the edge, scatter them in clumps of 3, or mix in some other low maintenance low evergreens with the Karl Foerster Feather Reed.

I would love some guidance.

Front near road

View from driveway

Grass inside blue line to be removed.

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