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Help with how to reconfigure a bungalow bathroom

25 days ago

I am getting close to tackling an update of our primary bathroom, and would love some thinking on layout ideas. Definitely replacing the tile and fixtures, and possibly reconfiguring the space.

Context: Primary bath for a small house; serves guests and two tweens. Want to keep a tub and significant storage here. Prefer to keep the sink where it is since we updated the lighting, wiring, and medicine cabinet on that wall relatively recently and like that placement. Sink will likely stay a pedestal; we find the current clearance there (22") to be fine.

Challenges: Toilet clearance (currently 12" of knee space). Shower is currently vented into the attic (!) Window overlaps the shower, which isn't ideal, but hasn't been a huge issue. Last remodel seems to have been a big box handyman job done in the mid-90s by the PO. Floor tiles are earlier than that, and cabinetry is from a mid-50s remodel. House is a 110-year-old California Craftsman.

Constraints: Can't turn the tub to be perpendicular under the window--a common solution for this layout--for a number of reasons, so we're primarily looking at variations on the existing layout. The bumpout next to toilet is the main waste stack for the house--may be able to push this into the wall. We may also be able to move the window towards the toilet. I included the closets that back the space because I've toyed with taking some of that space--but this is a house without enough storage as it is, and the bedroom closet is only 30" deep to start with so not a lot to work with.

Here's what we have now:

Option A: Current layout adds a wall-hung toilet to get to 20" of knee space. Not perfect but far better than the current situation, and the cheapest option. Grandfathered in under (but does not meet) local code because the toilet is already in this location. Sink clearance stays as is.

Option B: Flips the sink and cabinet. Gives toilet plenty of room, but puts tub right against the entry. In an ideal world, this layout would have a curved corner tub to eliminate the need for the wall, but I haven't been able to find one. Sink clearance stays as is.

Option B-2: Same but takes the linen closet and cuts off the bedroom closet so that it's 35"w x 30"d. Splits the space generated between the bathroom and the bedroom to make a 60"w x 22"d nook in the bedroom. Adds breathing room between the tub and the doorway/sink so that the bathroom feels more spacious, but costs a lot of storage.

Option C: Flips cabinet and toilet. Not sure this is actually feasible since there is solar overhead and we may not be able to relocate the toilet vent. I also don't love how close the toilet is to the doorway--we could also do this option with a wall-hung toilet or could take the linen closet and part of the bedroom closet to push it back.

Am I missing any other obvious layout options to consider? Of these four, what pros and cons do you see? Changes you'd make? Thanks for any ideas!

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