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How would you design the ceiling pot lights for this bathroom

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I'm redoing the bathroom and I don't know much about lighting, looking for the following advice:

  1. how many ceiling-recessed LED lights does this need?
  2. how to place them?
  3. what recessed light to buy (the size, watt, lumens etc)?

Here are the specs for the bathroom in cm:

  • Oversize: 215w x 235d x 228h
  • The shower location is seen in the image below size 160 x 80 x 228h
  • There is a bath heating light in the middle of the shower room, that will be very bright, but should only be used in very cold days.
  • There's an add-on wall (35 cm deep) for a shower niche next to the shower faucet, and a linen cabinet next to the shower room
  • On top of the vanity, there will be a niche, then a mirror cabinet full width to the ceiling.
  • Like the modern and minimalist style, material-wise: wall and floor are big light tiles, one piece custom shower skin etc.

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