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Our first visit to a stone yard!

27 days ago

Hubby and I remodeled the kitchen in our last house, and used quartz countertops, so we've never been to a stone yard. Now we're remodeling the kitchen in our current house, and are looking at quartzite for the counters and backsplash.

I had never seen honed or leathered stone in person before. I wasn't crazy about leathered, but I loved how the honed stones felt. Our previous countertop was polished.

Is there distinct advantages or disadvantages of honed vs. polished? Or is it just preference?

Thanks in advance - I look forward to showing y'all our pick, once we make a decision! We're looking for a lighter color - Chantilly was my favorite - but there were a couple of granites that caught our eye as well. I'm glad we have a few months to make a decision.

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