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Omega Cabinets alternative for walnut grain matched kitchen cabinets

24 days ago
last modified: 24 days ago

We're looking to get walnut wood cabinets in our remodeled kitchen but want grain matching from the top drawer down to the main part of the cabinet and for two banks of drawers. The cabinet guy recommended to us represents Huggy Bear and Omega. We're steering clear of HB based on feedback from this community. Omega seems like a great brand but the samples we've seen are pretty ugly. Would love to get suggestions for other brands to consider.

Looking at Omega Cabinets Jax mini-shaker or Tarin slab doors for the walnut cabinets I have two issues - they don't grain match and the overall look can be horrendously "piecey" by which I mean that a door panel can have multiple panels of wood put together of different grain which look like like an absolute mess when put together in a kitchen.

This is the Jax door on Omega's website and a sample installation which I find quite jarring.

Would appreciate some help finding alternatives that look more streamlined and uniform. Thanks!

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