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Bostik MVP4 under Coretec vinyl flooring?

29 days ago
last modified: 29 days ago

Our washing machine flooded our finished garage area in February. Restoration is going slowly. Currently we are waiting for our Coretec flooring which is on order.

Our installer put down two coats of Bostik MPV4 to take care of an issue with moisture in the cement pad.

Today, Coretec finally responded to a question I had asked a week ago about the Bostik. I had read about how the floors need to be really flat before installing LVP and it doesn’t look flat to me with the MVP4, so I called to inquire. Coretec advised me to call Bostik and ask about its designated use.

I called Bostik and they said it is not meant for floating floors, it is designed to be used beneath glue-down installations of engineered, solid and bamboo hardwood flooring.

I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. The gentleman said that before installing a floating floor the Bostik would have to be removed. I don’t think that this stuff can ever be removed.

Please weigh in if you know anything about this. We haven’t spoken to the installer about this yet but will call him tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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