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Help with interior design of odd living room with an indoor window?

last month

Hi everyone!

TYIA for any help or ideas! My parents have renovated the family room / tv room in their house and are enlisting my help with ideas on how to furnish it. The room is ~320 sq ft, and not a perfect rectangle. Unfortunately, I have limited experience with interior design other than using pinterest as inspiration, and I also find the layout of their room to be quite awkward and difficult. I used an app to make the layout of the room and you can view the link to the photos of room with dimensions and premlinary furnishing ideas here. This room will primarily be the living room/family room where they'd like couches and the tv to be. There is the idea floating to add a bar-ish type of corner somewhere if there is empty space, or an eating table, or some other type of nook like a reading corner or breakfast nook or anything else. Ideally, the space would feel purposeful but also not too cramped or closed-off, and the entryways in and out of the room would be easily accessible.

  1. There is a currently an indoor window (they say this will be eventually removed but do not have the budget for it atm) that leads from a bedroom into the living area on one wall. While this is "temporary" for the next several months if not most likely a year or two, I'd like to find a solution to how to cover this up or work around it. My mom is thinking of adding shelving around it to hide it, or buying a large mirror or painting to cover it for the time being.
  2. Additionally, there is a "nook"-ish wall where I would think would be a good place to mount the television, but there is an awkwardly placed wall-mounted a.c. My mom has the idea to add built in shelves to this wall and make them around the a.c. unit so that it is less of an "eye sore" like she says.
  3. The longest wall of this room is taken up mostly by a large sliding door that exits towards the back yard, so nothing can really rest alongside this wall. The other longest wall has some steps that lead up to the rest of the house as it is slightly elevated, which means that the steps also cannot be blocked by furniture.

I greatly appreciate any ideas or help you can come up with! TYIA 🫶🏼

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