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Need some help for my new kitchen layout

25 days ago

Hi I am doing a major kitchen remodel and would like to get some feedbacks of the new kitchen layout. The cabinets I wanted are from euro so the measurements are in millimeters instead of inches. The left size of the L with the window is the cleaning area, and the island in the middle is around 12 feet long. The area on the right of the fridge is like a mini bar area with a 15 inches inc maker and a smaller sink.

A couple things I want feedbacks on:

  1. Right now there are two sinks, one large on the left side which is right next to the DW, and the other one on the right side of the fridge that is meant for a bar sink. Since I would like to use the island. for prepping, I am thinking to move the bar sink to the island so that it can serve as a prep sink. What do you think?
  2. If I move the bar sink on the island, then I won't need the sink in that area, and I can move my oven-microwave pair and the fridge to the right a bit, to give more countertop space for the cooking area. If I do that, then the bar countertop will become smaller and may not be even useful at all (since the sink is on the island, I might just do bartending on the island facing to my guests instead of doing it on countertop), which then makes me think that I might just cut that countertop altogether, having the kitchen end with just the fridge and maybe plus the pantry.
  • However the tricky thing is that, there's a shear wall right next to the cabinet on the right, which wouldn't be an issue with the original design. But if I remove the bar countertop, then it kinda becomes a problem because there will be a "gap" between that wall and the pantry. See the image below, if I get rid of the bar countertop, the pantry will be at the center of the window, leaving around 3 feet "gap" between the pantry and the shear wall. So.. do you think it's still worth having the small bar countertop just for the sake of aesthetics (but will cost more for the countertop and cabinets down below)? or any other ideas that could fill this gap?

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