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Questions for Mantis, Nan and Sherry

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When I move to Indianapolis, my growing conditions will be the most like you three. So I'd appreciate some information.

1. How late can you safely plant in the fall?

2. What evergreens perform well for you?

3. What older Stamiles do well for you? I know Mantis had luck with Victorian Lace and Boundless Beauty. Nan - Have you grown Shores of Time and did it do OK for you? I'm thinking of taking that one, Chartered Course, Arctic Lace, Carefree Sunset, Green Mystique, Moonlight Sail and Carefree Sunset.

4. A lot of my seedlings are evergreen and do well in TN. In paring down seedlings to take, do you recommend I just forget those, or take the best ones and plant next to the house.

5. Do you have any general advice to keep in mind when making decisions on which plants to take?


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