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Addition - Mudroom & Master Bedroom & Bathroom - What do you think?!

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We just received plans for our addition. I would love to get folks feedback and or ideas on this plan! This group is amazing at providing feedback! The planned addition comes to the top of the slope currently.


The upstairs has 2 bedrooms and 1 full bath. Downstairs has a full bath and two bedrooms. We have two kids and a dog. I use one bedroom as a guest room/office.

Some of my initial thoughts:

1. I would like windows on the west side of the bedroom. (I love outside and I have a garden on the northern side of the property that I love looking at from the existing window that will become a door to the mudroom.)

2. I don't know how I feel about the toilet backing up to the bedroom.

3. I would prefer a pocket door into the walk-in-closet because I expect that would be open most of the time.

4. I would like to consider a drop sink (or similar) in the mudroom because I would like to have the food/water dish for the dog in this area and a place to wash hands/rinse stuff.

5. Ensure we have space for a crate for our dog (until he is fully trained.) (It is currently in our living room.) (Cubies from current dining room area are planned for mudroom.)

6. I am not sure the size of the walk-in shower, but would like to ensure it is a comfortable size with adequate space.

7. 28" doors into the bathroom and closet seem tight. (We are not big people, but I want to make sure this seems OK.)

8. Our backyard is beautiful--I am wondering if we extend the deck (it is Trex) and make the slider (or some other type of door) go off the west end of the bedroom with just enough space for a couple chairs and have the stairs come off the west side of the main deck. (I don't know the cost of adding a deck or what size it should be.) Especially if I am losing the view of the majority of my garden from the kitchen and deck.

9. The south side of our yard has large white pines (not ours) that drop sap, the yard is mossy with very little sun, and we have a mini split that is located in front of bedroom 3. So this isn't an area I want to use as a patio nor do I want the stairs on that side. We are going to need to find an area for our hot tub and grill. Any ideas?

10. We are considering a full basement--again not sure of the cost difference. We would keep this an unfinished workout area. (Remaining basement is part finished play room for the kids currently and unfinished storage.)

We are very excited to see what you think and would suggest!

Thank you!

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