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Need window coverings INSIDE shower

last month
last modified: last month

Bathroom renovation includes replacing pictured garden tub with 4' x 4' shower. Windows stay; we can't bring ourselves to block the excellent view we have, EXCEPT when we aren't "decent."

Waterproof window coverings? Pretty easy to open/close for multiple times daily use?

Side opening windows; we open almost every night in summer to catch desert breeze.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. The window casements will be completely enclosed with the shower material, which is Corian.

Folks, thanks for your comments & concern about the waterproofing around the window. We'll make a note to address with contractor (who has a 3-decade-plus record of outstanding work in the community, large & small projects). So please set that aside for now (as we are confident he will cover this, but will confirm) and talk to us about the window coverings themselves (which Hallett & Co has done, thank you!).

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