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Design layout help

29 days ago
last modified: 29 days ago

Oh boyvthis is a doozy. Il upload photos in first comment below as can't figure out how to appear in first post. Please advise how to help curb appeal in area this is laundry room entrance we use and seen as come up driveway. No big budget available but can anyone recommend what to plant to help. Yes big Boulder looks silly as does rock transition from driveway gravel to landscaping bed. We will b getting new mulch but want to finish planting and can't decide what to do w area to left of door in front of bench. I very much appreciate your time. No idea what a landscaping designer would do here ( other than bulldoze lol) this area gets morning shade and afternoon sun. We are in Pennsylvania zone 6-7. My apologies for not robustly responding to comments. I can type here but when I try answer questions it won't let me type and send in comment box ( even after signing in). Not sure why that is. Please know I read qnd appreciate your help greatly.

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