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The Shell Rose/Mary Lawrance's Shell Rose

last month
last modified: 26 days ago

Edited title to reflect the probable ID! Thank you, everyone.

I'm crazy about this rose, but I am not sure what it is. I purchased it from RVR as Reine Victoria. It's very distinctive in several ways - the large canes are completely thornless (clearly shown in first photo), but closer to the flowers, the canes have prickles like a raspberry. The flowers have many tiny petals, a consistent vegetative center, and curl back around like a button dahlia. The flowers measure 2.5" and they only have a light fragrance. It's definitely a climber, and the canes are so thin and floppy, without support it would be trailing along the ground.

My camera has made the color a little lighter and a little pinker than it really is. I've long thought of it as a dark red, but it might actually be a mauve.

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