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I have a spot for which I am having trouble finding a plant.

last month

OK - I am afraid this is a challenge similar to those I see on here sometimes like: "I want a rose which never stops blooming, needs no care, has NO thorns, is fragrant all of the time, and is blue" (smile).

What I am really looking for is any type of flowering plant at all which:

1) Is repeat blooming

2) Stays 18-20 inches high (this is the hardest part in my climate - even my Little White Pet roses get 4 ft by 4 ft.

3) Lives long (ie, does not need to be dug up and replaced or replanted every 1-2 years).

4) likes full sun (Western exposure on a wall).

I have thought of miniature roses, but I have the impression that they get as big as other roses, and just have miniature blooms (One miniature rose I grow is now 10 ft high and 8-9 feet wide. The other is Charles Walker Mignonette which is now 5 ft tall - this might be a possibility, as it took years to get that big). So, does anyone know of any type of rose, or a specific rose, which stays really short - I do not care how big or small the blooms are - either is fine. I don't mind pruning it every 6 months or so, but don't want one which will resent that and not bloom, or die, or etc. Also it will get direct sun most of the day. It will of course be irrigated in our normal 6 month summer drought.

Any other type of re-blooming plant would be OK too - I thought of dwarf iris, but can't find any that re-bloom.

Any suggestions more than welcome - we are in zone 9/10 in Northern CA, 5 blocks from SF Bay. Mediterranean climate, does not (yet) get way way hot because of the proximity to SF Bay.

Here is a pic of spot, and the container (inside dimensions 17" by 6"). Yes, right between the driveway and the house wall. Please note, I grew Anna Olivier in this exact spot for 20 + years, in a similar sized container (which I hasten to add was OPEN at the bottom, as is the new one, and there is good soil beneath it), and she was happy. I espaliered her up the house wall, and she spread out nicely and then got 10 feet tall. Everything in my garden gets big. (as you might imagine, this idea is my DH's, not mine, and I am trying to accommodate him, as he does 90% of the hardscape, irrigation, and other maintenance and hard work in the garden).

Here is Anna Olivier in her pot in the same spot:

Any thought or suggestions would be really appreciated.


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