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Callicarpa Pearl Glam - experiences? Growth rate?

Two years ago I bought 2 of these. I had put in an Early Amethyst in a customer's garden and we both loved it. When I went to buy one for myself, I saw Pearl Glam and liked the foliage. It was highly recommended by a few folks here. They did pretty much nothing that first season, but I didn't think much of it.

Now, I know that these are late-starters in the spring. My customer always thought hers was dead and I told her to give it more time.

I should have listened to myself because the spring after I planted my two Pearl Glams, there was nothing. Nada. Zilch. And I waited a lonnnng time. So I bought one more in June at an end-of-season sale. Then of course both of the originals came back!

But.... last year they did nothing. They got 6-8 inches with a few leaves, and that was it. This spring, again, they were late, and all three are still only 6-8 inches. Now, I know the whole sleep-creep-leap thing, and they ARE 6-8 inches in late May as opposed to October, so there's time for growth, but I'm curious as to whether others have experience with these.

Of course due to their showiness they occupy prominent spots in their respective beds, but they are looking quite silly with their little 6-inch selves surrounded by bigger shrubs, with a five-foot diameter empty space around them lol.

Should I cut my losses and put in another variety? Or should I be patient and wait another year?



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