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Kumquat Seedlings

last month

Hello everyone 😊 I was very graciously given 10 seeds each of 3 Kumquat varieties that are : Mandarinquats, Variegated Centennials and Fukushu Kumquats. The outer layer was removed, then placed into damp paper towel and sent on their way to me April 29th, I received them May 13th, I immediately put the ones that were sprouting roots into pots with my own citrus mix and labeled them with non toxic colored popsicle sticks (my Citrus mix: Repti-bark, Coco coir/potting soil and course aquarium gravel) over the last few days a whole bunch of them have sprouted baby trees!! I have been watching them very closely and I've noticed a few things that has confused me, the first thing I noticed, one of my Mandarinquat seedlings has sprouted with one green leaf and one white leaf, I was expecting this with my Variegated Centennial seedlings....but not the Mandarinquat (its entirely possible I mislabeled them but it's a very small chance) on that note one of my Variegated Centennial seedlings is completely white, I know unless it can produce green it will die, with all my reading I've been doing on here and other forums I know the probability of most of my Variegated Centennial seedlings will come up either all green or all white and die once the "food" from the seed is exhausted. My questions are: what are the odds of a non-variegated variety Variegating? Will it keep the variegation or will it most likely revert back to green? I'm also aware that curtain Kumquats from seed can be NOTORIOUSLY difficult to grow on their own roots until they reach (if I remember correctly) about 2-3 yrs of age or a curtain height. On that note, I have some Crispy Honey Kumquat seedlings that a few months old and are doing amazingly well on their own roots, I just repotted 5 of them (out of a total of 22) I still have to repot but I ran out of my citrus mix repotting my Mature Ponderosa) and to my surprise they never had any problems so far, I have 10 (2 are cross pollination twins) of the Crispy Honey Kumquat seedlings all in a medium sized plastic cup that are only about 2 to 4 nodes tall and already growing thorns on the 1 or 2 nodes closest to the top! The rest of them aren't growing any thorns at all, I'm rather curious why that is. I remember when I planted them most of them were Polyembrionic but only grew one sprout, with the exception of 3 or 4 that had twins from cross pollination, 2 of the twins have died, the other twins are doing well.
I'd like to add there are a couple people I'd like to tag (I highly value your opinions and advice) but I have no idea how it works and I don't want to upset anyone either, Any suggestions are greatly appreciated 😊

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