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Please help me decide

last month

Years ago a bought a Purple Eden from some nursery in Belgium or the Netherlands or something. I had no experience with floribundas, only climbers and old roses. I planted it out in my garden, watered it the first year, and then stopped, as I had always done with my roses. My garden is out in a woodland, not close to home, with no running water, and back in the day global warming had not yet become so severe,and climbers and old roses were fine with just rainfall after their first year. Not so Purple Eden; it dwindled and so I potted it up. About 3 years ago it looked good enough to go out into the garden again; by this time it had become an own-root rose. Well, after struggling for three years, it finally has become a small plant with flowers-maybe 2 thinnish canes. Last fall I decided to order some bare roots from Barni; one was a Purple Eden. Here it is now-May; the rose has been in the ground since November. It is awesome-big. thick canes,new basals ...has even flowered, and though the flowers are not the luscious dark violet of the ones on the little old own-root one, it's not surprising since the plant hasn't even been out there for a year. So now, I want to do a group of three Purple Edens (I love those dark flowers and dark foliage). My question: if you were me, would you just ditch the little old own-root one that I have laboured on fro 3 years, and replace it with a new bare-root one; that is, would you buy 2 or 3 new bare-roots from Barni? Is there any chance that the little own-root one will ever be as gorgeously boistrous as the bare-root ones? True, this year we have been blessed with good rain, and I have improved my husbandry drastically, but still,the difference between the two plants is amazing.

I'm in the same situation with Burgundy Iceberg-want to do a trio, already have a wimpy old own-root in a pot; should I just dump it and buy 3 Barni bare-roots? Also wondering about Ywilight Zone-have an own-root one alredy planted out, but after seeing this Purple Eden, I wonder if I should just replace my own-root TZ with a grafted.

Barni's prices are very honest : 13.50 euros for the own-root floribundas. They classify TZ as an HT; that would cost 17.50 euros. So expense isn't really the issue. I guess what IS the issue is : well, all the work I've spent on coaxing these own-roots along! and sentimentality; I "feel sorry" for them; what if they manage to catch up? Am I being stupid? All opinions are welcome; they help me to think more clearly about what it is that I really want to do. Thanks in advance.

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