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Mislabeled rose: who is she?

last month

I bought one of those wax coated roses at a local garden center a few months ago.
The rose was supposed to be "Papillon rose", Louis Lens' first introduction, so I bought it for the historical aspect.
Well, you guessed, it, she finally bloomed and is very obviously not Papillon.
I initially thought she must be one of the other roses among that garden center's selection, such as Samba (1964 version) or Piccadilly or Kronenbourg or Harmony, but it's not any of those. It seems that the garden center's own supplier must have been behind the mix-up.
The varieties they sell are usually out-of-patent roses from circa 1950-1990 ish.
The orange is very bright and glowy, with a yellow reverse. With sun, the petals change to a more coral color as can be seen in the pics below.
Foliage is dark green and on the glossy side, although it's suffered from sandy rain last night and wind in general, so sorry if that's not evident from the pics. Definitely armed with all kinds of thorns.
Fragrance is in the moderate range and fruity.
I almost threw her out when I realized she wasn't Papillon, but the orange is kind of mesmerizing
Perhaps Color Wonder (Kordes 1964)? That's my best guess so far, but not really sure.
Does anyone have any suggestions for who she might be?

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