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What are your thoughts?

29 days ago

This demilune is a fixture in my foyer. I have had it for years and like the happy design. However I had a new front door installed and while moving everything out, I gave the piece a good looking over and discovered that along with the right side being faded by the former door it was in pretty bad shape.
I've decided to go with a Colonial West Indes vibe to bring this piece back to life. Therefore I'm going to paint a faux wood look on it but have questions.
1.) what dark wood would be good to paint? I've been thinking of mahogany or ebony. But with the door being ebony I'm afraid of over kill.
2.) how would you treat the raised strips? Contrast or paint same as overall color?
3.) I plan on painting the top but would really like contrast there. I'm not opposed to changing the wood to another material that I could lay on top of the wood.
Overall I am going for something happy looking.
General info:
A.) I plan on rehanging my big, 36"x 48", gold frame 'Elvis' mirror about it because I love it.
B.) I'll be changing the rug to one similar to the floral one pictured.
C.) I don't want to tackle the wall color yet.
Thank you for all your help and ideas!
Apologies for the poor photography.