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Looking for input and guidance

28 days ago

Hey gardenweb friends!

Construction has finally started and I need to finalize kitchen plans so we can proceed with getting quotes. And I’d love some advice and suggestions!

As context, we have some orchards and edible gardens, so it will be a bit of a warm modern tropical homestead. (House is in Costa Rica)

I’ve pasted current preliminary drafts of the kitchen area, plus a couple of other pictures to help situate the kitchen. Note that the round table in the courtyard is not to scale!

Some questions:

- what do you think about the spaces between the sink, cooktop, etc. on the long window counter run? I’m trying to reserve the island for prep and gathering, it will be somewhat table like, although there will be drawers facing the work area (the area outlined in red). I’ve always had the sink and cooktop across from each other, so this kind of layout is new for me.

- I want open bookshelves, or a screen of some kind, to separate the kitchen from the living room. The architect has drawn it as a 30” wide bench, I’m not crazy about it. Any thoughts? It would be nice if it could hold some books, binoculars, maybe some baskets. or just a decorative screen, I’m not sure.

- the 30” counter zone that abuts the screen or bench dividing the kitchen from the LR will have a solid wall behind it. The rest of the counter is all windows. What do you think about a wall oven there, at the extreme end of the counter run. I don’t expect to use it often, but we need one somewhere.

All thoughts welcome!

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