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Painting Fireplace - color and suggestions!

Hi all,
Moved into this house about six months ago and are working on getting it in more agreeable condition. The entire interior needed a fresh base so we’ve painted walls and time SW Alabaster (different sheens) and that’s been generally nice throughout the day with our lighting.

Now I need some suggestions on the brick fireplace. I’m not typically pro painting brick but the floors in this house pull strongly red and the brick against the floor really accentuates in my opinion. Since I don’t think we’ll commit a budget to redoing these floors while we live here, the easier solution to me is to change the fireplace color.

To me adding more alabaster would be too white. Maybe BM pale oak or something slightly warmer than alabaster?? Or whitewashing? I’m at a loss.

Style throughout is a mix of farmhouse/transitional with some attempted touches of vintage. It’s a work in progress - what can I say!

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