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Agreeable Gray vs. Gossamer Veil or light her

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We currently have yellow vanilla type color. We want to paint our home to warm grey. Home is north facing with living room in south, foyer in north, kitchen in east and bedroom in west. Kitchen is bit dark and has brown cabibets.

Looking for single color that does with brown furniture as well as light gray sofa. Trim is hoing to be Pure white

Confusion: Agreeable Gray vs. Gossamer Veil. These colors are beautiful in south facing mid day. But in early morning and evening it is bit dark (without lights)

These colors look great in living room with lots of light, but on the hallway leading to upstairs look dark because of no windows.

I like warmth of Agreeable gray but lightness of Gossamer Veil. Gossamer Veil shows slighly green undertones, which is why am leaning towards agreeeable gray. However, agreeable gray appears little dark. Both AG and GV appear dark sometimes in the day. Am I overthinking? I am worried both AG and GV.

I dont like yellow vanilla type color currently, but I must admit it is more brighter.

Which is preferred AG or GV?

I have tried earlier repose gray (too dark) and drift of mist (too light).

Anything lighter than AG or GV? Should I go lighter? Is yellow making me not see warmth of AG and GV?

Between AG and GV, which looks good?

What about Crushed Ice?

Thank you.

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