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Samll bathroom: bath & shower advice

last month

Hi, we are renovating our bathroom and facing a dilema with the bath & shower layout.

We are a family with young kids so a bath would be valuable, although nowdays the kids mostly use the shower.

We are going for a 150cm bath and a 80x110cm shower. We don't want to go any smaller than this.

We were adviced to put a dividing wall between the bath and shower as the space betwen them will be too small.

We are worried of a few things:

1. Will putting a stud wall make the bathroom too dark and crampy? should we try to change it to glass (at a seemingly much higher cost)

2. How will it feel to be in the bathtub behind this stud wall? given it will be 80cm of wall and a 150cm bath, it will cover more than half of the bath. We don't lan to use it too often so might not be a problem.

3. Will it feel too cramp in the bathroom overall?

4. is there a good reason to giveup the bath alltogether or would this layout/or another can help?

We also thought about extending the shower wall a bit further towards the stairs and breaking it just before the door, but not sure there's be room for a door and vanity unit with this layout.

This is the suggested floorplan:

And this is the suggested layout:

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