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In search of a LED rechargeable makeup mirror

last month

We are in the middle of a primary bath remodel. I have an area just outside the main bathroom that has a vanity area for hair/makeup. I currently have a plug in makeup mirror that has 10x magnification on one side. I would like to get an LED rechargeable one so I don't have a cord. I could have them cut a hole in the quartz counter to run the cord down to the outlet behind the vanity where blow dryer/flat iron will be plugged in (grooming drawer in vanity to hold hair appliances), but I'd prefer to not have to do that and not have to deal with cord.

I actually have a couple different ones on the way to try out, but it occurred to me you are all a wealth of knowledge and might have one you recommend.

It needs to be silver in color, preferably polished nickel but I'd take chrome.

Has to be 2 sided - regular and 10x magnification (my eyes are getting old!)

This is for close up work - tweezing eye brows, filling in brows, etc. There will be large mirror on wall with sconces for doing hair and general makeup.

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