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What is wrong with my geraniums and what should I do?

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Hi All,

In March I planted eight geraniums from their little pots into a garden that borders our street. They were doing very well, so I thought. They had lots of flowers.

I noticed the other day that only two had flowers now. Now it's only one that produced exactly two flowers. I think that I may have watered them too much. And I was watering them overhead. I have read that that's a no-no in geranium care.

I am not watering them every day now. Just once a week, or when the soil seems dry. And I am not watering them overhead anymore.

Here are some pictures. One shows the geranium plant that is still producing flowers. What do you think is wrong? And what can I do to help them bounce back and start producing flowers again? Should I prune anything?

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