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Help with medicine cabinet and 10x mirror on the same wall

3 days ago
last modified: 3 days ago

Hi folks,

I'm remodeling my bathroom and know that we won't retire in the home and likely sell within 5 yrs or less. I'm gearing my decisions based on resale. I currently have a 10x lighted makeup mirror on my entry wall, see arrow for location in the diagram attached. I currently do NOT have a medicine cabinet on that wall but plan on installing one as part of this remodel. Has anyone been successful at installing both a medicine cabinet AND makeup mirror on the entry wall to the bathroom, where the light switches will go? Is it possible that there are medicine cabinets that can also serve as a 10x makeup mirror to get 2 things for the price of 1?

My bathroom designer friend tells me that I need to forgo hanging the make up mirror on the wall and use a counter top version, but I have never found one tall enough that I'm not having to bend over an look down on top of the mirror. I cannot see to put on my make up without the 10x mirror.

I appreciate any suggestions or examples.

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