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Is it worth repairing/recovering a Natuzzi sofa?

4 days ago

We have a great leather sofa. Natuzzi, the made-in-Italy line. Super comfortable, and has held up amazingly well to 19 years of use. Until the other night when youngest daughter got too athletic, and a piece of framing splintered.

In general, I like to recover furniture. Less items in the landfill, keeping a piece I already love, avoiding shopping (it took me months to find a sofa that was comfortable, and I have less time for shopping than I did back then). But this will require some frame rebuilding, new foam for the seat cushions, and probably new leather upholstery. Assuming all of that can be done for under $10k, am I going to end up with a sofa that's ready for another 19 years? Or am I working with a piece that's nearing the end of the framing's lifespan?

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