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Help with wood floors and ceilings

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Edit to add: These are just listing photos. We will start from scratch.

I am closing on a house in a few weeks and need advice / opinions on what to do with the abundance of wood. The house has cathedral wood ceilings, wood floors, wood doors, and wood trim. All wood is the same color. All of the walls / cabinets are the same color. The ceilings were the first thing to draw me to the house but all the other wood is daunting. I’m not a fan of the existing paint color but not sure what would make it better. I feel like it should be lighter or maybe it’s just the wrong tone. Something is off and doesn’t look right. My biggest concern before moving in is the living room and entry way. Should I stain the ceiling a lighter color? The floor? Both? Stain the ceiling and keep the beams the same as the floor? Start with wall paint, some rugs, and leave the floors and ceiling alone? Remove the trim? Paint the doors? I’m lost with the amount of options out there and I am definitely not a decorator. Is there software that is easy where I could play around with the lighter wood / darker wood options? I’m lost!

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