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Who makes/sells integrated solid surface (Corian) sinks?

4 days ago

I am planning a Corian counter for a bathroom vanity and want to have integrated sinks. The fabricator says if I get the sinks he can install them with the counter. But I can't find any integrated sinks that are sold seperately. Every search I do for integrated sinks turns up prefab counters with the sink already integrated. But just I need the sinks which will be integrated by the fabricator, Is there some magic search term I need to use to bring up integrated sinks that are sold separately?

Can anyone point me in the right direction? There is a really nice undermount ramp sink that I like so would love to find an integrated ramp sink if anyone makes that.

I've never been so frustrated searching for something. Calling @Joseph Corlett, LLC into the chat who knows everything there is to know about counters.

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