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Help regarding a leaking roof

last month
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Hi all, does anyone have some advice regarding a leak.

I went up on the roof and looked around. Its a flat roof and i cant tell what kind of material is up there but i did not see any kind of holes.

I also put a ladder against the the side of the building and i cannot figure out how the water is getting inside.

The water comes from behind the sheetrock and puddles up on the ground.

This has been going on for a couple years on a property that is vacant downstairs.

Ive included a couple pictures.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I ripped off some of the drywall and exposed the interior. The wall is double sheet rocked.

I took a garden hose from outside and i believe the exterior stucco may be cracked and leaking. the gutter shows a rust trail directly to the crack. The unit used to be a laundromat a while ago. Im not sure why there are vents in the wall. The water appears to be falling directly to the bottom and coming out from where the decorative baseboard molding used to be. I took some pictures from the outside as well. Anyone have any ideas on how to repair this exterior stucco crack?

Thank you!!

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