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Finally!! Some blooms to post

last month
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My season actually began a couple of weeks ago but blooms were either hanging up or slug damaged so no photo ops there! These were the best this morning.

Heavenly Dark Matter-forgive the background cardboard-this bed is getting new mulch

Wonder Of It All-blooming for two weeks but best bloom today

Jeweled Smile-late afternoon pic-looks much prettier in the morning with a better color

Singing with Angels

Dark Raven-hopefully the green eye expands with future blooms

Blanket flowers are blooming well.

And on a sour note, the lopidea bugs are at it again. Two scapes in the background are totally divested of buds. This scape in front has one surviving bud. The yellow ones will drop. And the deer have returned. Whine completed.

On a happier note! My aurora view!!

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