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Diabetic cat.............

8 days ago

My cat life is getting complicated. After rescuing the starving young male, taking him to the vet for all shots, worming and testing to see if he was free of disease, he joined the downstairs cats with ease. Surprisingly it went over well as he is so self-assured. When I had him at the vet I mentioned my Maine Coon was drinking and eating a lot and appeared thinner, he suggested he be brought in. Bernie had been there in October for his annual wellness check and rabies vaccine and weighed 23 pounds and now only weighed 14.9. So the news came yesterday from his blood work that he has diabetes and needs two injections daily. We will pick up the insulin from the pharmacy and take Bernie to the vet for a tutorial on how this works on Monday. I'm just posting this here in the rare case that one of you might have dealt with this. Since 1968 I have had 19 cats and never had a serious illness to deal with.

( vet wanted $530 to neuter the new young male. I called the Humane Society and they're doing it on Thursday for $90!!)

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