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Am I wrong to be upset about this?

last month

My husband and I have been informally looking to buy a house for about a year and found what we would consider our absolutely PERFECT home that was right in our budget. Here in NY, that doesn't happen often so we made an offer the day we saw it. It had been listed for maybe 3 days.

The seller wanted to rent back after closing to give him time to find a place to go - but we couldn't do that because we are using a VA loan. In any event, we came to an agreement and our offer was accepted on a Saturday. We scheduled inspection for the following Wednesday. On Monday before inspection, we received a call from our realtor that the seller was going with another offer that was 30K over asking, but were going to finance with a 20% down payment. We know our budget and know that we couldn't match that or higher so we left it at keeping us in the running in the event the house doesn't appraise for the 2nd offer. We also did look at the comps with our realtor and it is unlikely that house is going to appraise for the offered amount so we didn't want to be caught up in that mess.

What gets me is the fact that our offer WAS ACCEPTED and the realtor entertained another offer without any kind of courtesy to us. Additionally, they took the listing off the market the SECOND they accepted the second offer but not after ours. Am I wrong in feeling like this was a *little bit* unethical? I know not illegal as were not under contract yet but we've been denied even looking at a home for the reason that the seller already had an accepted offer multiple times.

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