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Painting H molds for LP siding

last month

I'm having LP Smartside pre-finished by Legacy put on my house in their custom sage brush color. LP requires a 3/16 gap between the butt joints, windows and doors for a proper installation. I want to use the H moldings so caulking is minimized but Legacy doesn't paint H moldings. Assuming I get matching paint, does anyone know of a place that would paint the H moldings? Of course, it can be done on site, but I'd prefer more of a factory finish if I can find a company to do it.

If I have to do it onsite, the moldings would come primed, and I don't want the paint on the H molding to be peeling off in a few years. I'd be grateful for any tips you could share.

FYI - the home is at a mouontain altidude of 6500 ft, so it's very cold in the winters, (often sub-zero), and extremely dry with intense baking sun in the summer. The winds are pretty strong all year long.

Thanks for your help!