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Trim Paint - help!

27 days ago
last modified: 27 days ago

I am in the process of painting the interior of my 1930s home. Most of the colors I want to do are bolder, but also within the various forms of pinks, greens, etc. I'm adding a modern touch where I can. The hard part I am running into is the trim. While in a perfect world I'd love to convert everything back to original, it's not possible. This house has undergone many bad paint jobs (it was a college rental for years), as well as an addition which has just plain old contractor pine.

That being said I need help in choosing a trim color. Right now it's kind of a creamy color, which isn't bad, but they did such a bad job painting it (including painting over areas of peeled paint), that I'll have to do some stripping before I can even paint.

I'm adding my kitchen pic - it's Rose Tan by SW - a period color according to them and pictures of my current choices for trim colors.

I taped them to my current trim and office.

I plan on painting my dining in a type of topaz/dark mustard (I think) and maybe a green in the living room.

My office is a rich navy blue. I'm leaning towards Benjamin Moore's China White - something not so contrastingly white, and not too yellow, but I'm having a hard time. Anyone good at picking trim colors? I just don't want something bright white.

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