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Too complicated

27 days ago
last modified: 27 days ago

So up on my third floor I am going to need a couple lamps. I have plenty of lamps but I am not quite sure the right lamps.

That floor has a complicated exposed sheathing and rafter ceiling that is very dark, almost Jacobean stain, and the furniture is mostly 1950s to 1970s kelly green (this is the rooms that I was looking at the tartan carpet for, out of budget). It's going to be a very loose furniture arrangement because it's almost like an attic. I have some white tulip tables, very portable. So I was thinking floor lamps rather than table lamps. I am weird about lamps. I have found a number of white floor lamps but usually at some ridiculous price.

So I found these Herman Miller Ode lamps. They aren't cheap, about $700 (but one of the out-of-budget ones for me was $3500, Out of budget was much lower than $3500, but my point is, this is the sort of plain looking thing that I am attracted to and then it turns out to be so expensive). So it's relative. If I could find a pair of something I liked for $7 or 70 I would do it. Sometimes I can't, it's just the way I roll.

Here are the complicated bits:

They don't have an LED bulb, they have an LED light module. (Will you be able to get replacement modules?)

They don't have an on/off switch. You touch them to turn them on and off.

But if you move it, it is deprogrammed. You have to unplug it, wait at least ten seconds, plug it back in, and then wait again before touching it. If you don't do it right, it may rebel somehow.

It turns off automatically after two hours. Then if you immediately turn it back on, it will stay on for nine hours unless you turn it off.

It is 2700K at least, not something obnoxiously blue-white.

But doesn't this all seem a little too complicated for a lamp? Why not an on off switch?

Does it really have to be this complicated? And you have to assemble it.

I made the picture black and white. The paint and upholstery is peachy pink and I did not want to distract people.

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