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Is this sofa table too big? Styling ideas ??

last month

This sofa table in the pics below breaks the guideline that sofa tables should not be higher than the frame, but it is within the guideline that says a sofa table should be no higher than 1 inch below the height of the pillows. What do you think? Is it too high? If so, I'll move it to the wall along by the door.

Also, I have mocked up a few styling vignettes for the table. Any favorities or suggestions? For easy reference, I have put numbers in the lower right corner on the counter top. (On the first 2 pics, the item on the left changes.) The last pic shows more of the room for context. I don't want anything to tall or dense because, although you can't see it from the pics, I have a mountain view that I don't want to block.

I'd like you to know that the wall by the foor is actually 12 feet long and the door does not hit any of the furniture when it opens. I have edited the pic to put the lamps, artwork, etc there and I can understand that from what you see, why you might think it would be a problem.... but in reality, it's not and issue.. Also, there are dimmable can lights in the ceiling. The room is still a work in progress and so there is no coffee table yet either.

Thank you for your time and your input !!!

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