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Are Zellige and similar tiles high maintenance?

last month

I have loved the look of the more organic or imperfect type of tile for years. I was really hoping to use it in my remodel. Recently however, I have been seeing a bunch of videos from people who are cleaners posting what they would not have in their own house after being a cleaner. The zellige type tiles come up pretty regularly.

The last time I built a house was in 1997. I was obsessed with 1920s or thereabouts designs and chose many products based on that. I paid a hefty sum to get actual white subway tile and put it in my bathrooms. It was bulletproof and also easy to design around and I still loved it when I sold the house 24 years later.

In this house I want more personality or umph, plus it is in a vacation area so is not like my prior suburban colonial home.

Would love to hear from others who live with these tiles, or maybe suggestions for something that is impactful but not an upkeep nightmare.

some pics from my wishboad for fun

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