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Building two driveway pillars with mailbox

26 days ago

I would like to build 2 driveway pillars with mailbox. I will hire someone to do it, I am having hard time to find someone who knows how to do it and wants to do it (I am located in Gainesville FL). I am trying to gather info so that it is done in the best way. One of the two pillars will have a mailbox, the other one just the house number. Planning to have an LED light under the cap. I really like the one in this youtube video. I think I could purchase this set at Home depot, but I am having hard time to find a mail box. How do I know mailbox will be able to withstand the weight? Other question: I see in the video no concrede pad is used. Is it because glue is used so no risk of mortar cracking? I see the home depot pillar uses glue, so I should be fine just with some gravel on the bottom?


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