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Need some bump out extension materials ideas

Marc-Andre L
29 days ago


We want to add a bump out extension for our entryway. To add some sort of a small mudroom to our split level house.

If you look at the attached image, the one of the right is our current house, and on the left a quick edit of some ideas I had.

What we’re unsure, is what materials to use for the exterior of the extension. It’s a 1973 house so I’m not going to be able to find the exact same brick. I made a quick edit of some ideas we were having. Maybe staining the bottom part of the actual brick with a white-ish color, and then getting new bricks for the extension part but staining it the same colour so that it would match, and probably hard to tell it’s not the same brick (hopefully).

But for the part where I’ve put some wood sidings, we’re really unsure. I don’t really like it that way (with the wood) but you can see the part where we don’t know what materials to use there to make it fit with the rest of the house without being the same materials.

Any ideas? Thank you very much!

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