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adaptation apartman 100m2 ideas

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can someone help me with the adaptation of a 60m2 apartment with a terrace of 50m2 or more, I need an idea for the bathroom, living room and lighting... I don't know if ideas are paid for. I'm sending the draft, if it looks like it now and my draft, how would you like it to be, with the bathroom, it would go out onto the terrace, as can be seen in the picture, the white part near the bedroom

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    let me add an idea for a bathroom that would extend to the terrace

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    I assume you are not in NA . Here in most cases the exterior of an apartment do not allow changes there and for sure not adding a bathroom.This is a US site so metersa re not ideal and sq footage is usless too. I guess my first thought is have you made sure this is allowed . I see a bathroom that seems to have all you need in a bathroom . Are you in the space ? If so post pics and of course to scale floor plans in feet and inches.

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    Thank you very much for your answer, I live in the last apartment in the attic, you saw that I have a lot of terrace, and the customers are small, so I thought of making it like 2 rooms. The part on the terrace as a laundry room and the front as a bathroom. I'm a layman and I don't know what to do. Here I will send you a picture of the bathroom and the terrace. Thank you very much

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