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Cat ID help - is this any particular breed?

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We have seen this cat walk through our yard a few times in the past 6 months. He never stays long and appears to be healthy and clean. Yesterday DH was trying to sweep the patio in preparation for power washing the blue stone when the cat came up to him and started rubbing his leg and purring. DH petted him/her for a few moments and when I went out the cat came right over to me for attention. The cat is lovely but I can't remember ever seeing one with these markings.

The cat may belong to a neighbor but our HOA doesn't permit pets off leash. It could possibly have come from another neighborhood a few streets away. The only problem is that when we came inside the cat sat outside, staring at me through the patio door and meowing for 30 minutes. Then it hopped on the table and waited for another 30 minutes before leaving.

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