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Wall oven thoughts?

last month

So my trusty 22 year old (!!!) kitchenAid wall oven seems to be finally possibly dying. A couple of times recently it has just turned off on its own, and one time there was a brief blue-screen-of-death type flash on the screen. So I'm thinking maybe it's a (unfixable) motherboard problem. Sigh. I had actually been thinking that when I eventually re-do my kitchen I would just keep using this old work horse cuz it seemed likely to last longer than any new thing out there.

So now I'm looking at getting a new oven probably sooner rather than later, and I have several thoughts:

There is a new floor model Fulgor Milano oven on deep sale for about $1400 (original price about $5500). I imagine there are some not-insignificant scratches or whatnot accounting for the deep discount, but that wouldn't bother me a bit. But, I've never heard of this company, and can't find much about it. I would pony up another $315 for a 4 year warranty for sure. I'd also check it out in person, but frankly, how much can you really tell before it's installed and cooking.

Second option is maybe a Miele. They are having their rare "free 10 year warranty" special at the moment. I am all about reliability and long lasting appliances so a 10 year warranty is very appealing. (got that with my Miele dishwasher and it really was very worthwhile). But that would be a much more expensive proposition, probably around 6K. (aackk my trusty kitchenaid set me back about $1200 back in the day).

Final thought might be check out another kitchenaid/whirlpool whatever for presumably not too much money and hope for the best. It seems to me that it's a big ol' crapshoot anyway; I have a friend who got the top-of-the-line wolf ovens and they have been major lemons.


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